Advancing lifelong engagement and career success

The career journey is difficult to navigate. Our programs provide the lifelong support that alumni need to advance in their careers.

The Program

Alumni Playbook partners with alumni associations and career centers to provide students and alumni the lifelong career support they need.

Institutions build lifelong loyalty and goodwill with their alumni by providing recruiting services, networking tools, and additional career services

Alumni are better prepared for their job search and ultimately find better jobs, faster by utilizing trusted resources from their alma mater

Employers and recruiters access a new pool of qualified talent to fill positions faster and more efficiently

Who We Help

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Recent Graduates & Alumni

Recruitment firms struggle to find top talent. Alumni from universities are top talent. Alumni Playbook partners with alumni associations to help top recruitment firms find top talent.

  • Alumni complete a profile in 5 minutes
  • Alumni profiles are matched to best-fit recruiters
  • Recruiters contact alumni on next steps and relevant opportunities
  • In the meantime, alumni have access to webinars, resume review, and job search best practices

Alumni Playbook is a career services benefit for Alumni provided by their Alumni Association.  Whether actively searching for a new job or not, Alumni Playbook is a resource to help connect recent graduates and alumni to a world of opportunities.

Alumni Associations

Our unique program leverages the endorsement of our university and college partners to build a scalable pool of talent that employers and recruiters need, ultimately enhancing the lifelong relationships between alumni and their universities.

  • We engage with alumni associations to promote career support services
  • Alumni complete a profile and register for the service, including matching with recruiters
  • Alumni get better jobs, faster by leveraging trusted, university resources

About Us

Alumni networks are an incredibly valuable asset for colleges and universities. The ability of schools to leverage that asset for university advancement is directly related to the lifelong engagement of alumni. Recent research has revealed that there is often a disconnect with what alumni want from their alma mater and what they receive.

Our purpose is to advance lifelong engagement and career success, making it easy for schools to not only provide the services alumni want, but also to promote utilization of these services.

Our suite of solutions provides students and alumni with the lifelong career preparation, professional development, and job search services they need to launch and advance their careers.

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