Recognizing the need for more systematic, effective tools for finding great-fit opportunities, CareerShift helps job seekers successfully navigate the published and hidden job market. With CareerShift, students and alumni find jobs and internships, research companies, and network with industry professionals.            

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CareerShift has been the most useful search engine in helping me find work. The website simplifies everything by compiling job postings from employer websites and job boards in any city, state or country with just a few keywords. It helped me find the job I was looking for and I’m sure it will help you too! Thank you CareerShift!


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CareerShift enables you to search thousands of open opportunities, find helpful contacts “around” jobs that can be utilized for networking, and convert your organized research into strategic outreach. CareerShift can make you more efficient, better targeted, and more prepared in your search for a great job or internship.

The Company Search can help you discover companies in industries and locations that interest you. The Contact Search can help you find people who work at companies of interest, who may have a connection to your university, or who may be affiliated with a job posting you have identified. And the Job Search can help you find jobs in a particular location or with a specific company you would like to target. Using Keywords can also help you find roles at companies that you may not have been aware of before but have roles that fit your skill set.

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In each area, you can save searches or particular search results so that you can review at a later time. By using the search features in combination with each other, you can better craft a list of roles and individuals connected to those roles to focus your energy and outreach.

Quick tips:

  • Use Company Search: Try different variations of a company’s name (e.g., with and without Inc. or Co., using/not using abbreviations, corporate parent vs. division or brand) to ensure that you are seeing all relevant listings. You can also search by industry, company size, and location.
  • Use Contact Search: Use the Contact Search to identify individuals at the companies where you are looking at job opportunities. This can be especially helpful for companies with multiple locations, allowing you to find and network with people in a particular office or region. Additionally, you can use the search to find people who share an affiliation with a college or university, and you can search for individuals with a particular job title.
  • Save Searches: When you create a set of search parameters that produce results that interest you, use “Save Search” to reuse the selections later.

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Networking is an important component of an effective job or internship search. You can use CareerShift to find people’s contact information. Networking outreach can be done before you apply to a particular organization or around the same time you submit an application.

After you apply to an organization, enter the organization’s name and location into the Contacts search to find people who work there. Try to identify a contact related to the position you’re applying to or within the human resources department. You can do this by turning on the By Position search function and entering keywords like: human resources, talent management/acquisition, recruiter or the team/division name related to your application.

Check if any alumni from your university work at companies of interest to you. You can easily find alumni contact information through CareerShift by entering the name of your university in the School Attended search bar, along with the company name and location.

Once you conduct a Contacts search, CareerShift provides you with a list of names, job titles, companies/organizations and professional email addresses. Similar to jobs, you can save individual contacts or searches.

Once you have identified a contact, it is time to compose your outreach email. The content of this email should include the following elements:

· Introduce yourself

· Bring to their attention particular skills, experiences and interests of yours that relate to the work they do

· Express your interest in their company or their career field

· Ask to connect for an informational interview or to discuss opportunities for you to contribute to their organization’s mission/work

If you have already applied for a job at their organization, or would hope to be considered for one in the future, be sure to attach your resume to the email.

Click Jobs on the left side of your screen and then click Search. Enable the Search by Area and Advanced Search options.

When searching, use quotation marks around the entire phrase (e.g. “product management”). Include the words “and” “not” and “or” between keywords to refine your search. For example, if you are searching for jobs in the healthcare industry but not in direct care roles, you could search: healthcare not nursing.

You can specify a location in the Area Criteria section. CareerShift defaults to the United States but you can select many international locations. Within the United States, you can refine your search to specific City/Metro Regions or to a Zip Code Radius (e.g., within 50 miles of a specific zip code).

In the Advanced Criteria section, you can select your search preferences in the Job Type (Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Temporary, Contract) and Experience Level (Entry Level, Mid Level, or Senior Level) categories. For recent graduates, selecting Entry Level under Experience will provide the most relevant results.


Other tips:

  • Select 15-30 Days in the Published Within drop-down menu to find postings that are likely to still be open.
  • If you are interested in virtual job or internship opportunities, click the Search Remote and Work From Home Jobs option under Area Criteria.
  • You can use the H1-B Visa Sponsorship filter to view postings that indicate organizations’ willingness to sponsor visa holders.
  • You can save searches and sign up to receive email alerts when new jobs related to that search are available.

You can apply to postings immediately or save postings in CareerShift to apply at another time. Saved postings will be stored in the Manage page under the Jobs section. 

Once you find a posting of interest and organize your application materials, follow the guidelines stated in the job description to submit your application.  You can also begin networking with people in the organization by clicking the Find Contacts option in the posting.

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